Beta Reading

While this week’s post isn’t about a skill per se, I did have a new experience, so I figure that counts. I became a certified (not actually certified) beta reader!

My friend Gigi has spent the past few months putting the finishing touches on the novel she started for NaNoWriMo—and she finally finished!

Goooo Gigi!

This is her very first finished novel, and it’s kinda sorta semi-loosely based on all of our lives, so she asked us all to read it and give her our thoughts.

I call it “beta reading,” thought the Internet tells me that’s actually a fan fiction term that is gaining popularity among published authors. I can’t think of anything else to call it, though, so we’re going to make it a thing.

Gigi invited us all over for a fun Sunday afternoon of discussion and scones. All of the other readers had been keeping up with her progress chapter-by-chapter, but I’m horrible at reading multiple things at once, so I didn’t even start until Friday night. However, I managed to marathon all 130+ pages and was all set for Sunday funday.

I know Gigi was very nervous about hearing what we all had to say, but everyone loved it.

We talked plot points and storyline and character development. People made awesome suggestions. I corrected some erroneous Berkeley facts (her lead went to Cal). We stuffed our face with delicious baked goods. It was amazing.

So, if anyone else needs a semi-experienced beta reader, I’m down! And hopefully I’ll have learned a real skill in time for next week’s post.


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