Monthly Archives: May 2013

I’m a Horrible Blogger

It’s Monday, guys. Not only that, it’s almost midnight on Monday, which means it’s almost Tuesday. And I forgot to post on my blog. I also forgot to learn something that I would actually be able to write about on my blog. And last week I promised you guys a real skill…

Sorry about that, peeps.

I have learned things this week, though probably nothing super exciting.

  1. It’s totally possibly to spend an entire day watching Arrested Development on Netflix. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SOMEONE ELSE FINISH THE NEW SEASON. I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT SPOILING PEOPLE.
  2. Philz has become my own version of Cheers, except instead of everyone knowing my name, everyone knows my order. I went in to get a coffee, and I literally had to speak zero words. The barista knew it; the cashier knew it; EVERYONE KNEW IT.
  3. I cannot run a 10-minute mile. I tried, Couch to 5k. I really tried. I just can’t do it. My disproportionately short legs don’t go that fast.
  4. I need to start parking elsewhere. At least there was nothing in my car worth stealing this time around. Plus, the thieves found my missing water bottle in all their ransacking and left it for me. Thanks, thieves!
  5. Tumblr is a thing that exists, and I am using it. Learning how to use it. Trying to learn how to use it. Failing at trying to learn how to use it.

I guess that’s about it. I promise promise I’ll learn something real next time around.


Beta Reading

While this week’s post isn’t about a skill per se, I did have a new experience, so I figure that counts. I became a certified (not actually certified) beta reader!

My friend Gigi has spent the past few months putting the finishing touches on the novel she started for NaNoWriMo—and she finally finished!

Goooo Gigi!

This is her very first finished novel, and it’s kinda sorta semi-loosely based on all of our lives, so she asked us all to read it and give her our thoughts.

I call it “beta reading,” thought the Internet tells me that’s actually a fan fiction term that is gaining popularity among published authors. I can’t think of anything else to call it, though, so we’re going to make it a thing.

Gigi invited us all over for a fun Sunday afternoon of discussion and scones. All of the other readers had been keeping up with her progress chapter-by-chapter, but I’m horrible at reading multiple things at once, so I didn’t even start until Friday night. However, I managed to marathon all 130+ pages and was all set for Sunday funday.

I know Gigi was very nervous about hearing what we all had to say, but everyone loved it.

We talked plot points and storyline and character development. People made awesome suggestions. I corrected some erroneous Berkeley facts (her lead went to Cal). We stuffed our face with delicious baked goods. It was amazing.

So, if anyone else needs a semi-experienced beta reader, I’m down! And hopefully I’ll have learned a real skill in time for next week’s post.

Theater, Thou Art a Cruel Mistress

Hello, friends!

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while—and catching a lot of flak for it—so here I am once again! The reason for my long and unexpected departure? Well, laziness, obviously, but I was also volunteering at the local community theater.

You know how in high school you’re going to all these classes and have all these extracurriculars and you feel like there’s just no time in the day (especially after penciling in those three hours to watch TV). Yeah, that’s nothing compared to doing a show with a full-time job.

The actors had been there for a full month before the crew even showed up, and I honestly have no idea how they were still sane. Actually, the insanity defense would explain a lot…

Anyway, things I learned while working backstage:

  1. People get really sweaty. As a germaphobe who was forced into being the costume dresser, this was really not a nice thing to learn. There was so much hand sanitizer, guys. So much.
  2. Wigs are disgusting. I had never actually been near actors before because all of my theater experience was in the wings and I only ever saw people in passing, but wigs are super gross. Like, all stringy and stuff. And weird feeling. And sweaty (see above). Yet another reason I would never be able to be on stage.
  3. They have microphones on stage so people backstage can hear the show (and their cues). How I worked 6+ shows without learning this will forever baffle me, but EVERYTHING MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW.
  4. You wear what you’re given. Oh, your dress doesn’t fit? Sucks to be you! Shoes too small? DO YOU REALLY NEED TOES.

There were probably other things, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Anyway, now that the show’s over, I can get back to learning things and stuff. Not sure what will be next, but I’m voting for tennis. Who wants to teach me tennis? I have bragging rights on the line.