Today’s post is a little different because, instead of learning something from someone I know, I decided to learn something with someone I know.

One of my friends has been talking up this yoga studio near my house for ages, and when we discovered a Groupon for it, we decided it was a call to action.

(From this point on, my cohort will be known as Raphael, even though she is a girl. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: What should I call you in the blog?
Her: Um…I dunno. Something Ninja Turtle-related.
Me: Well, which one do you want to be?
Her: Raphael. Obviously.


So before signing up for our Groupon deal, we peruse the studio’s website to check out when their beginner classes are. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15 a.m.

Oh, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I read that correctly. Was that seven fifteen IN THE MORNING? That means waking up before dawn, people! Anyone who knows me knows that me rolling out of bed before 9 a.m. is a feat. 10 a.m. is preferred. Actually, you know what? Maybe just leave me be until noonish.

Still, it was for science. And blogging. And, you know, general health and wellness, I guess.

We had our first class on Tuesday. I was up before the sun (appropriately horrifying), it was freezing, and we both showed up looking like death, I’m sure. We were introduced to the instructor, I told him I was new, and he assured me we would have a lot of fun. Fun, he calls it!

Actually, I forgot a part. When we were still deciding whether to actually sign up for the Groupon, Raph mentioned that it was a heated studio. I think her exact words were “I think they heat it a bit during the class.” And we quickly discovered that by “a bit,” they actually meant “to over 90 degrees.” Sooo…yeah. Surprise hot yoga!

Will (our instructor) took us through a number of asanas and vinyasas and all sorts of other words I would probably spell and/or use incorrectly, but overall he was right, and it was really fun! We’ve been back twice more since and have inspired additional people to (begrudgingly) accompany us. And, even though I couldn’t move my limbs or my torso the day after my first class, I am proud to say that I am almost completely functional again after my third.

Also, as I have not yet mastered the pose that lets you take selfies while performing your vinyasa, the only photo I have is of my mat (and towel…which is so much more necessary than I ever thought it would be).


The end! Yogi out.


One thought on “Yoga

  1. Gossip Girl

    Hot off the presses: young yogis starting their trip down the downward dog. The room isn’t the only thing that’s hot hot hot.


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