Inflating a Bike Tire

Okay, so it’s kind of a boring topic today, but the skill that I had planned for this weekend ended up falling through due to cold-like symptoms, and I had to come up with something else.

I just bought my very first road bike! Yay!

Bike 1And I just found out that said road bike had a flat tire! Well, a flattish tire. Boo.

So I pulled out my bike pump and was confronted with this:

Bike 2

I’ve owned the same mountain bike since I was 11, so this freakish valve was all new to me. To the interwebs! (The interwebs are my favorite.)

After much Googling, I discovered that I was trying to use a Schrader pump on a Presta valve. Silly me!

I ventured to the local cyclery to acquire an adapter, and I did manage to find one—along with a new Nalgene, a set of bike lights, and some fancy velcro reflector bands. (This bike is turning into a money pit, but I am going to be the fanciest broke cyclist in all the land!)

Took about half an hour to actually get my tires inflated to the proper pressure, but I finally did it! Plus, bonus skill, I figured out how to actually use my bike pump gauge. So much learning!

And I know this post was lacking in excitement, so in honor of the Super Bowl, have a superb owl:


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