Spinning a Basketball

There’s nothing cooler than being able to spin a basketball on your finger. Okay, there are probably tons of things cooler. Like motorcycles. And Wayfarers. And baby hedgehogs. Coolest thing in the universe? Clearly a baby hedgehog wearing Wayfarers while riding a motorcycle.

[Photo unavailable.]

But spinning a basketball on your finger is probably fourth on the list of the world’s coolest things, and that’s why I jumped at the chance to learn how to perform such an amazing feat.

Today’s professor was Midge (obviously not her real name because this is not 1963). She provided the basketball and allowed me the use of her apartment in which to practice. Yes, we were violating every rule my parents ever told me about playing with a basketball inside; however, nothing was broken! There were some near misses, though:

  1. The lamp
  2. The lamp switch (managed to turn it off with an errant ball but couldn’t turn it on again)
  3. The TV remote
  4. My cell phone
  5. The yoga ball
  6. The couch (multiple occasions)
  7. The sliding glass doors (multiple occasions)
  8. Two Lack tables
  9. The entertainment center
  10. Multiple framed pictures

Here’s the before:

Basketball Fail

And the after:

Basketball Win

(I was even with it enough to throw up the shaka.)

(Just kidding. I only have two fingers on my left hand.)

(Just kidding again. I’m clearly too lightning fast for the camera to handle.)

I managed to get about a 3-second spin by the end of it. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but trust me…there were 47 pictures, and we only recorded about a third of the attempts, so we’re counting it as a success.

And to Midge’s downstairs neighbors, I am so so sorry.


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