Napkin folding. Like a boss.

Did I say 11:59 Pacific? Because I’m pretty sure I meant 11:59 Hawaii time. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

This week’s skill: The art of napkin folding. Apologies for the horrible picture. Cell camera + Ikea lighting = no bueno.


This lovely design is known as the Diamond Fold, though I also learned the Pyramid, the Bird of Paradise, the Standing Fan, and the Rose. I have pictures of them in all their napkin-y glory, but I will spare you the subpar photo quality.

Do I have any idea how I will be using this skill at any point in the near future? No, I do not. The reasons for this are twofold:

1. I had obviously never needed cloth napkins enough to actually have any around my house and therefore had to go to a store and buy them in order to accomplish this task. (They were $5, so I will probably not be going hungry because of my extravagant purchase.)

2. WHO USES CLOTH NAPKINS ANYMORE? Okay, they’re better for the environment, yes, but I have enough trouble washing my real, everyday clothes and linens. I have a feeling cloth napkins would quickly become the bane of my laundry existence, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the linty towel fiasco of oh-twelve.

But I’m sure I’ll find a way. And despite the fact that my napkins aren’t properly starched (which is apparently a thing I guess), if there’s ever a napkin emergency, I will be on it. “We need a napkin shaped like a neck tie! Stat!”

Plus, we got to prep for the napkin-folding tutorial by watching Roman Holiday, and Gregory Peck’s left eyebrow just makes everything worthwhile.

Gregory Peck

Until next week!


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